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1 Abraham Hartland's Occupation is shown on all census years as Mechanical Engineer.  Hartland, Abraham (I72)
2 Albert Pike, b 1896,
Married Alice Bebb, Feb 1919 
Pike, Albert (I19)
3 Dennis Pike married Ellen Reece, Nov 1946, at St James Church, Handsworth, Birmingham.  Pike, Dennis (I12)
4 Elizabeth Ann Goode, 1856-1911
Occupation, Embroiderer  
Goode, Elizabeth Ann (I45)
5 Elizabeth married Thomas Bates on the 6 Oct 1907,at St Cuthberts Church, Birmingham.
Swancutt, Elizabeth (I32)
6 Elizabeth’s occupation French Polisher.
Elizabeth married, James Hatton on the 15 Mar 1889, Birmingham.
on the 1901 census they were living at 131 Holloway Head, Birmingham.
Children on the census were; James aged 12, William aged 9, and Margaret aged 2.
Pike, Elizabeth (I67)
7 Ellen Pike possibly emigrated to New York USA in 1883 aged 20 years. Pike, Ellen (I66)
8 Eric Pike married Kathleen Cooke, Feb 1947, at St James Church, Handsworth, Birmingham. Pike, Eric (I11)
9 Ethel Pike, b 1903,
Married Ernest Stanley Shakeshaft, Nov 1924 
Pike, Ethel (I22)
10 Fred Pike is living with his brother George on 1911 census Pike, Frederick (I71)
11 George Barber, 1886-1972
Occupation before joining army, Apprentice bricklayer  
Barber, George (I7)
12 George Dix born 1821 his first marriage was to an Eliza Kent from Knutton, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, they married in 1848, children from this first marriage were, John Thomas Dix born 1849 and George Dix born 1851, Eliza died in 1852/3. Dix, George (I277)
13 George Dix born 1821, his first marriage was to an Eliza Kent from Knutton, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, they married in 1848, children from this first marriage were, John Thomas Dix born 1849 and George Dix born 1851.
George's first wife Eliza died abt 1852/3. 
Family F56
14 George Swancutt
Occupation, Coalminer  
Swancutt, George (I33)
15 George Thomas Nicholls, 1857-1951
Occupation, Jewellers Stamper 
Nicholls, George Thomas (I44)
16 Harriet Hurrell married John King, son of John King, on 3 Nov 1855 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk. John King was born in 1834 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.
Hurrell, Harriet (I148)
17 Harry Swancutt may of married Mary Vincent in 1914 West Bromwich Swancutt, Harry (I30)
18 Henry Hurrell married Elizabeth Carter, daughter of William Carter and Ann Smith, on 10 Sep 1852 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk. Elizabeth Carter born 1831 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.
christened on 10 Apr 1831 Wickhambrook, Suffolk. 
Hurrell, Henry (I143)
19 I have found various spelling of the surname Swancutt during my research, here are some that I have found on Census forms, Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates.
Most people at this time could not read or write, so an official would have filled in forms and certificates, and the spelling of the surname would have been left to him
Have a look at the SWANCOTT website on the links page. (the links page is on my home page)
Family F9
20 Inmate on 1911 census Pike, Lucy Ann (I62)
21 James Hurrell married Miriam Webb, daughter of William Webb and Ann Webb, on 25 Dec 1849 in Stradishall, Suffolk. Miriam Webb was born 1824 in Stradishall, Suffolk and was christened on 20 June 1824 in Stradishall, Suffolk.
Hurrell, James (I142)
22 John Henry Pike
Occupation, Chandelier Maker, worker. 
Pike, John Henry (I14)
23 Joseph Pike, b 1890,
Married Alice Busby Oct 1924 
Pike, Joseph (I21)
24 Lucy Ann Crowe the daughter of Francis and Mary Ann Crowe (nee Cook)
was born on the 22 Aug 1850 in Little Saxham, Suffolk. Lucy married Edward Smith, on the 18 April 1875, children from this marriage were,
Annie Mary Smith, born 1876 Little Saxham, Suffolk.
Francis Smith, born 1878 Little Saxham, Suffolk
Mary Fanny Smith, born 3 June 1879 Little Saxham, Suffolk Mary Fanny died at the age of 8 years in September 1887, she was buried on the 20 September 1887.

On the 28 May 1880 Lucy’s husband Edward Smith passed away, Lucy was on her own for two years before marrying her childhood sweetheart Frederick Manning on the 23 December 1882.

Family F44
25 Mary Ann Hurrell married Edward Balls, son of Edward Balls and Elizabeth Golt, on 1 Nov 1856 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.
Edward Balls was born in 1833 in Lidgate, Suffolk and was christened on 25 Dec 1833 in Lidgate, Suffolk. 
Hurrell, Mary Ann (I147)
26 Mary Barber married William Blake on the 7 Nov 1880, in Chedburgh Church, Suffolk. Barber, Mary (I85)
27 Matthew Selby died December 1872, aged 48,
His widow Margaret Selby remarried in September 1875 to widower Fredrick Wardle born c1824 Leicestershire, Occupation, Boiler Maker.
Frederick Wardle’s wife Mary died in June 1869 at the age of 39.
Children from Frederick's marriage to Mary were,

Emma Wardle, born c1850, Handsworth, Birmingham
Fanny Wardle, born c1855, West Bromwich, Birmingham
William Wardle, born c1858, West Bromwich, Birmingham
Elizabeth Wardle, born c1860, West Bromwich, Birmingham
Frederick Wardle, born c1865, West Bromwich, Birmingham.

Family F10
28 Matthew Selby, 1824-1872,
Occupation after leaving school was shown on all census years as Bricklayer. 
Selvey/Selby, Matthew (I55)
29 Occupation, Alice Nicholls, Watch Bar & Swivel Maker, In the Jewellery quarter, Hockley, Birmingham. Nicholls, Alice (I47)
30 Occupation, Edith Lousa Nicholls, Watch Bar & Swivel Maker, In the Jewellery quarter, Hockley, Birmingham. Nicholls, Edith Louisa (I8)
31 Occupation, Florence Maud Nicholls, Watch Bar & Swivel Maker, In the Jewellery quarter, Hockley, Birmingham. Nicholls, Florence Maud (I46)
32 Occupation, Lottie Nicholls, Gold stud maker.  Nicholls, Lottie Gertrude (I50)
33 Occupation, Percy Nicholls, Birmingham Tram driver. Nicholls, William Percy (I48)
34 On the 1851 census Abraham Hartland and Sarah Hartland (nee Harper) and their 8 month old son George Hartland are living with Sarah’s mother at number 108 New Hall Street, Dudley, Birmingham.
Sarah’s mother, Sarah Harper is shown as widow and aged 55, her occupation is given as Green Grocer.
On the 1861 census Sarah and Abraham Hartland had moved to Church Sreet, Dudley.
I cannot find Sarah Harper's mother Sarah so I presme she must have died somewhere between 1851 and 1861.
Family F11
35 possible husband, James Ray, mar date 1935. Pike, Eleanor (I345)
36 possible husband, Sidney R Dalton, mar date 1927. Pike, Lucy (I346)
37 possible wife Margaret Fitzpatrick, mar date 1930 Pike, John William (I347)
38 Rebecca Sowter's Occupation, Housekeeper at Chedburgh Hall Sowter, Rebecca (I83)
39 Robert William Barber married Keziah Challis, 1886, marriage registered June at Thingoe, Suffolk. Barber, Robert William (I87)
40 Sally Hurrell married Hosea Metcalfe, son of Thomas Metcalfe and Susan, on 3 Jul 1844 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.
Hosea Metcalfe was born 1821 Stansfield, Suffolk, christened on 3 Jun 1821 in Stansfield, Suffolk and was buried on 29 Oct 1893 in Stansfield, Suffolk.
Hurrell, Sally (I141)
41 Samuel Swancutt married Hannah Llewellyn on the 22 Mar 1919, Birmingham. Swancutt, Samuel (I28)
42 Sarah Ann Barber married William Shorter on the 6 July 1878, Suffolk. Barber, Sarah Anne (I84)
43 Sarah married Sidney Daniel Beddall, 1897 at Smethwich old church, Smethwick, Birmingham. Swancutt, Sarah Ann (I35)
44 Sidney Daniel married Lillian Miller on the 6 Oct 1907 at St Matthews church Smethwick, Birmingham.  Swancutt, Sidney Daniel (I29)
45 Stanley Pike married Clara Burrows on the Dec 1943 at St James church, Handsworth, Birmingham. Pike, Stanley William (I10)
46 Susannah Barber married George Mason on the 14 Dec 1889, at Chedburgh Church. Suffolk. Barber, Susannah (I89)
47 Teresa Selby
Occupation, Capstan operator making Nuts and Bolts.

During my research, I found on several census years variants of the surname. They are as follows.

On the birth certificate for Teresa the surname is spelt Selvey, but on her Marriage certificate she spells her surname as Selby!
Selby/Selvey, Teresa (I15)
48 The 1901 census shows George Thomas Nicholls and Elizabeth Ann Nicholls (nee Goode) living at number 13 John St, Aston Manor, Birmingham.
also living at the same address is Elizabeth’s parents; William Goode aged 65 and Elizabeth Goode (nee Clifton) aged 73
Family F7
49 The Harper family were living at Hall Street Dudley on the 1841 census; Harry Harper's occupation is given as, Fruiterer (Green Grocer)
On the 1851 census the Harper’s are still at Hall Street Dudley, but Harry had passed away in 1850, His wife Sarah was now running the family business and her occupation was shown as Green Grocer (widow).
Their daughter Sarah Harper born 1826 was living with her mother at Hall Street Dudley as was Sarah’s husband Abraham Hartland and their 8 month old son George Hartland.
Family F22
50 The Pinfield Family

William Pinfield b1813 Birmingham, died about 1858,
his wife Lucy Pinfield (nee Simpson) b1812 Birmingham, remarried in Dec 1859 to a
John Silvester b1807, Thorpe, Yorkshire.
Marriage place, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

William Pinfield b1832 married Louisa Field,
Dec qtr 1851, Kings Norton, Birmingham.
Vol 18 Page 588

Lucy Pinfield b1835 married Walter Drury,
Sep qtr 1854, Birmingham,
Vol 6d Page 16.

Betsey Pinfield, see group sheet for details.

Samuel Pinfield b1840 unmarried, not found after 1861 census.

Family F25
51 The search for the parents of William Henry Pike born 1838 Liverpool
The facts.
William Henry Pike was born in the city of Liverpool on the 22 January 1838.
Parents on his birth certificate are father, William Pyke (occupation, Crown Glass Cutter) and mother, Ellen Pyke formally Friar.
William Henry Pike (b1838) married Betsy Pinfield from Birmingham on the 21 November 1859 at the parish church Rotherham, Yorkshire. William’s occupation on the marriage certificate is given as, Brass Burnisher, and his fathers occupation is given as Glass Cutter I am not sure what they were doing in Rotherham at this time but William and Betsy moved to Birmingham somewhere between 1861 and 1863.

With this evidence I looked for the marriage of William’s parents, William Henory Pyke and Ellen Friar and took a guess at 1837, working a year either side of this I found the marriage date on the IGI, batch no 1025754, 6 April 1836, Prescot parish church, Lancashire.
I sent for a copy of their marriage certificate from St Helens library, Lancashire.
As you can see from the marriage certificate William and Ellen could both write, Ellen’s signature is a little childlike and I am not sure but William looks to have spelt Henry, Henory, I don’t know if this was some old way of spelling Henry or not? Also the spelling of his surname is Pyke and not Pike.
The details on their marriage certificate are a little hard to read so I have re-typed them below,

Marriage solemnized in the parish of Prescot in the county of Lancashire in the year 1836.
William Henry Pyke of this parish Sutton, Crown Glass Cutter, bachelor
And Ellen Friar of this parish Sutton, Spinster
Were married in this church by License, with the consent of__________
This Sixth day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred and Thirty Six
By me (cannot make out name) this marriage was solemnized between us
William Henory Pyke
Ellen Friar
In the presence of George Marsh & Mary Friar.

After their marriage in 1836 they lived for a time at number 3 Brown St, Liverpool, Lancashire, and this was the birthplace of William Henry Pike, born 1838.
On the 1841 census they had moved to, Spencer Buildings, Liverpool, Lancashire.
They also had a daughter named Mary, born 1840, the census also gave the place of birth for Ellen Pike (nee Friar) as Sutton, St Helens, Lancashire, England and for William Pike the 1841 census shows the letter S for Scotland and occupation as Glass Cutter.
But there was no sign of their son William born 1838, but after some searching I found him on the 1841 census as a visitor at his grandparent’s house, Joseph and Elen Friar, the address was, Ravenhead plate-glass works, Sutton, St Helens, Lancashire, and the age given for William was three. Interestingly the spelling of the surname on the 1841 census was Pike.
We then move on ten years to the 1851 census, William is now 13 years old and with his mother Ellen Pyke (nee Friar) now aged 38, they are shown on the census as visitor to a family by the name of Makin, Ellen’s sister Mary Makin (nee Friar) married Edward Makin in 1838, Mary is a witness on the marriage certificate for Ellen Friar and William Pyke.
Interestingly the Makin’s are also living at the Ravenhead Plate-Glass Works, with Edward Makin aged 38 as head and Mary Makin (nee Friar) aged 40 as his wife, they also have three children of their own and a Sarah Friar aged 22 living with them and she is described as Niece.
I have searched the 1851 census and used just about every combination of words to try and find Ellen’s husband William Pyke born 1815 Scotland and their daughter Mary Pyke born 1840, but they seem to have disappeared into thin air, also on the 1851 census the spelling of the surname is Pyke.
Next the 1861 census, by this time William Pike born 1838 was married to Betsy Pinfield they were married in Rotherham in 1859.
I still had no luck with 1861 census as I could not find William’s parents William and Ellen Pyke (nee Friar) or his sister Mary born 1840, I have also searched for their deaths without any joy.
One thing that I did find on the 1861 census was a William Pyke aged 42 and his wife Martha Pyke (nee Wynne) aged 25, they were married in Liverpool 1854, there was also two children shown on the census, Elizabeth aged 2 and John aged 9 months, both born in Liverpool, the address at the time was, 4 Court, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, which is just around the corner from 3 Brown St where William Pyke was born in 1838 also on the census the occupation of William Pyke born 1819 was, Glass Cutter.
There are a number of possibilities of what might of happened to this family the marriage to Ellen Friar in 1836 broke down and they went their separate ways and William remarried Martha Wynne in 1854, or Ellen and Mary could have died and William decided to remarry, also look at the age difference between Martha and William, if this is our William Pyke remarrying he may have knocked a few years off his age, which was common in those days.
I will keep searching for William, Ellen, and Mary Pyke/Pike and if I find anything will update this page.

I have since found the death for their daughter Mary Pyke born Mar 1840, she died on 27 May 1843

David Pike

Family F26
52 Thomas married May Clewley on the 28 Oct 1899 at Holy Trinity church Smethwick, Birmingham. Swancutt, Thomas (I34)
53 Thomas Swancutt, born on 24 Aug 1848, Occupation Coalminer.
Thomas married Sarah Ann Hartland 13 July 1874.
Thomas was born in Messenger Lane West Bromwich which is no longer there, think most of it is under the car park.  
Swancutt, Thomas (I26)
54 Thomas William Bates, born 1885, West Bromwich,
and was the son of Simeon Bates born 1852 West Bromwich, and Ellen Bates born 1858 West Bromwich.
Brothers and Sisters of Thomas were;
Edith, born 1878.
Simeon, born 1879.
Ada, born 1883.
Edward, born 1884.
William, born 1889.
they were all born in West Bromwich, Birmingham. 
Bates, Thomas William (I209)
55 William Pike, 1887-1963
Occupation, Brass Burnisher & Polisher, Metal worker. 
Pike, William (I5)
56 William Pinfield jnr, b1832 married Louisa Field, b1831. Marriage Birmingham 1851
Children from this marriage were;
Louisa Jane Pinfield, b1852, Birmingham.
Rose Ellen Pinfield, b1855, Birmingham.
Sarah Pinfield, b1858, Birmingham.
Lucy Pinfield, b1860, Birmingham.
Pinfield, William (I169)

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